Guild Policies
A. Code of Conduct

Regardless of your rank, Malice is committed to making a good name for itself as a guild. Please remember that your actions - on this forum, on other forums, in game - reflect on the Malice tag. If at any time we feel your conduct is detrimental to the guild, you will be removed from Malice.

B. Malice's Alt Policy

Your alts are welcome in Malice once you have achieved the rank of at least Member. Officers with alts in the guild have Officer Alt designations.

Alts have no access to the bank beyond viewing privileges. If you need something from the guild bank for a guilded alt, you can withdraw the item on your main. Our guild bank is intended only for those members and alts within Malice. If you need something for an alt not currently guilded in Malice, please ask an officer about the item.

C. Appropriate Guild/Vent chat

Malice is an adult guild. We can run the gambit from being silly and stupid to being raunchy and raw. So in a nutshell our chat policy is: don't be a jerk. If you are, be adult if you're approached about it.

D. Banking Policies

Malice currently oversees six (6) bank tabs. All members can view all of the tabs, though deposit and withdrawal access may be limited based on rank. Please be considerate in using the bank. Search for like items to stack. Don't be greedy - take what you need to advance your character. I will speak with you individually if I see you using the bank in a manner inconsistent with our guild's principals or if you refuse to use it in a thoughtful manner.

It should go without saying that these items are there for your personal use. They should not be used for crafting items you plan to sell nor to sell for personal gain.

Tabs are labelled and the information tab contains information on what is contained there if there are questions.

The last tab is a special request tab. The most valuable items are placed here and only the guild leader has access to that tab. You should request those items via the RFI system on the guild website.

E. Asking for Help

Malice is not a leveling guild. We have an LFG forum to aid in finding a group. Sometimes people may be busy and you may not get the group when you need it. Do not be afraid to PuG. You never know who you may meet.

If you still need help with getting assistance, you can ask an officer for help. Remember, everyone plays this game for fun. Telling people they are selfish for not helping you is also being selfish for expecting them to drop everything to do what you want to do. Pay it forward - offer to help someone in return for help later.

F. Disciplinary Policy

Direct violations of guild policies will result in disciplinary action. You may be warned about your behavior or if the seriousness warrants it, you will be removed from the guild. If you have been warned about behavior that continues, you will be removed from the guild. Examples of behavior serious enough to warrant immediate removal include theft from the guild bank and raiding with other guilds in violation of guild policy.

G. Inactivity

Inactive accounts (mains or alts) will be removed from the Guild after 2 months, unless the account holder has contacted the guild leader or an officer. Private messages or website notices in the forum provided are a great way to alert other members of situations which require a prolonged absence from the game.

H. How to Leave the Guild

There may come a time, sooner or later, where you decide that Malice is not the best fit for you. The best way to leave is to discuss the situation with an officer. If we can resolve the issues, we will. If not, we will wish you the best in your new home.

If you are thinking about applying to another guild, let an officer know. If we find out you are applying to other guilds while still under the Malice tag, the issue will be discussed with you and you may be asked to leave the guild. We aren't here to gear you up for bigger and better things for another guild, we're here to gear you up for bigger and better things with our guild, so your raiding privileges may be revoked while we discuss the situation with you.

If you leave without discussing the situation with an officer, your alts will also be removed from the guild.

We ask that you give an officer a heads up before removing an alt from the guild as well.

Players who have left the guild and seek to reapply are handled on a case by case basis. However, applications of those who left without speaking with an officer will probably not be accepted.

Signing the Policy
Go to your character screen
Scroll down and click the <Edit> button
On the screen, below Money, you will see:
Attunments, Completed Quests
Check the box the says the following:
I have read & agree to the Guild Rules & Policies
Scroll down again and Click Save
Congratulations! You have completed the process. Thank You!

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