Malice Raid Policies
Malice will be using the following rules and policies listed below for all content. ALL RAIDERS are expected to have read and understood the following rules. These rules are subject to change, but all changes will be announced.

Raid Policies

A. Signing up

Our raid calendar is kept on the Malice website. You will need to update your character information so you can sign up with the character you intend to bring on that raid in the correct spec you intend. Please note, you will need to pick ONE raiding main for raiding purposes.

Note: Given how account wide achievements are working in game, if you have an alt, or even alt-spec that you are willing to a) gear up and b) play, please let us know.

When you are rostered for a raid, you are expected to be there. You signed up indicating to us you were available and were rostered based on that availability. If you cannot be there, you need to use the calendar system or the website to drop yourself, AND make a forum post on the raid roster thread. If you do not follow this procedure, you will be considered a no show. This could affect future rostering decisions.

If an alternate was slotted because you were not online in time for invites and did not indicate you would be late, you will not be attending the run unless another spot opens up. Once invited into a raid, we generally do not ask people to leave.

B. Start Times

Raids begin at 4:30 server time. Invites start going out approximately fifteen minutes prior to the start and invites from the alternate list can go out anytime after 4:30 at the discretion of the Raid Leader. Generally, if you are going to be late and let the raid leader know ahead of time, the raid leader will hold your spot if you have a definite ETA or until they need the spot filled. However, posting that you will be late does not guarantee we will hold your spot forever.

Raiders are expected to be ungrouped, at the instance, and ready to raid at invite time. Being online, but AFK and unable to accept an invite may result in the loss of your raid spot. Raiders are also expected to be repaired, and have all required consumables - flasks, reagents, food, etc - prior to a raid. Failure to show up to a raid prepared can result in loss of your raid spot and will effect future rostering decisions.

Our goal is for the first pull to start at, or very shortly after 4:30pm server.

C. General Raid Policies

1) You are required to have the ability to listen on Mumble during raids.

2) Again, raiders are expected to have appropriate consumables for their class and spec prior to the raid. Some consumables are available from the raid bank. These are intended to SUPPLEMENT not replace your personal stores. Failure to show up to a raid prepared can result in loss of your raid spot and will effect future rostering decisions.

3) We expect you to be respectful in raids. This includes being respectful of others on Mumble and being respectful of others during some of the less than fun times on raids. Wiping will happen when learning new fights and negativity can often lead to less productivity.

4) Raids are supposed to be fun. When we all have fun, people come back. If you become an impediment to the fun of those on raids, that will be discussed with you. If necessary, you will be removed from the raid and your ability to attend future raids may be jeopardized.

5) You are expected to follow instructions during raids. If you have a problem with instructions you are receiving during the raids, please ask the appropriate person about the situation via whispers at an appropriate time. Announcing your grievance in raid chat or over Mumble halfway through the fight is NOT an appropriate time.

6) Regarding AFK's - Real life continues to take place during raids. However, when you attend a raid, it is not just to divvy up loot, but to actually participate in the content. There is a 10 minute break scheduled approximately halfway through the raid (around 6pm server). If you must AFK at other times, please notify a designated raid leader of this during the raid.

D. Raiding with Other Guilds

In Warlords of Draenor Malice's raid focus will be on people who are willing to work and gear up to raid that content with Malice. While we do currently allow raiding outside of Malice we also expect people to raid with Malice. If you do raid elsewhere, please be certain to sign up and attend our raids as well. Should this prove to be a problem we will be revisiting this and possibly close content.

E. Content

Restricted Content:

There is currently no restricted content.

Unrestricted Content:

Currently all raids are unrestricted.

F. Loot Rules

Each raider is allowed one Main Spec win per run.

The actual system is simple.
  1. The item will be opened to rolls. MAIN SPEC rolls normally, unless they have won an item already, in which case they roll 1 and mention in RAID CHAT it is for main spec. OFF SPEC rolls 1. Main spec always trumps off spec. If no one rolls...
  2. The loot master will announce, in a raid warning, that the item is open for transmog purposes. Those interested should roll normally.
  3. If absolutely no one wants the item, it will be disenchanted.

*Main spec here is defined as the spec you signed up to raid as. If, for the purposes of composition, you are asked by the raid leaders to perform a different role, you may choose which spec to designate as your main spec for the night. Please let the loot master for the evening know which will be your main spec for the run.

BOE Epics
BoE epics that drop will be handled like any other piece of loot except that if no one wants the item for offspec it will not be open to transmogging and will be placed in the guild bank for use by the guild members for whom it might be an upgrade for. It will not be disenchanted.
  • Note: If an item you have been coveting for mogging has been sitting in the guild bank for at least a month ask an officer about it. You may be able to RFI it at the discretion of the officers.

Crafting Patterns
Crafting patterns are handled like any other piece of loot, albeit in their own category. If you are in the raid and can learn the pattern, roll normally. If you have already won a pattern or it is for an alt, roll 1.

Crafting Materials (orbs, embers, etc)
Any crafting materials that drop from bosses or trash will be placed in the guild bank to be requested as needed by the guild.

BoE Blues
Blues are not going to be master looted.

Greens are not going to be master looted.

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