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Malice is a laid back guild and while we're casual and like to put the emphasis on having fun and hanging out, we do expect our raiders to be on time and prepared with flasks, food buffs, reagents, and a working knowledge of their class. We don't mind a lot of wiping, as long as a lot of learning is also happening. Our RLers try to make a forum post to let people know where we are going and what bosses to look forward to ahead of time, so we expect at least a little review on the part of the raid team for progression content. We also don't mind newbies who're willing to learn.

Note: We do take non-raider apps! If you're looking to apply as a casual member (ie: not a raider), click the drop down menu above and select the "General Membership" application. Thank you!

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Have you read and agree to follow our Raid Policies should you be admitted to the guild?
What spec are you and why? How do you think this spec fits into raiding if you are interested in raiding with Malice?
Have you been other specs? Why did you change?
What other classes/specs have you played and to what level?
Malice is a raiding guild that places an emphasis on real life being more important than WoW. Why are you interested in Malice? What do you think you bring to the guild?
What other guilds have you been a member of on Scarlet Crusade and why did you leave? Please include current guilds (this will be kept private in case it's a touchy subject)? If you are on a different server, which server are you on currently?
Have you ever, with any toon, been a member of Malice before? If so, please name the toon and, if necessary, explain the reason for departure.
What raiding experience do you have? Do you feel you are geared for the current content Malice is raiding? If not, what are your plans to gear up?
Are you available on our raiding nights? Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday starting at 6:30pm - 9:30pm server?
Can you attend 3 raids out of 4 in a two week period? If not, what conflicts do you have?
Do you or can you use Mumble? (Please keep in mind that Mumble is a requirement for raiding in Malice)
Do you use any add ons/mods? Are you willing to use any mods/add ons the guild feels are important to use?
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93 Unique Members
318 Characters (alts included)
31 Level 110 characters
0 Posts in 24 hours